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Our first charity book. From Nurse Anonymous.

AURAT is a book about a Midwife’s journey through the active years of service she has given to the National Health Service and her time as a Field Nurse. This book shares her experience of caring for some of the worlds most vulnerable women and girls. Using passages from her journals, this book follows her chronological timeline through her recent visit to Gaza as a backdrop to each of these stories. Aurat is a word which means "woman"in many Asian languages including Arabic, Hindi-Urdu, Persian and Punjabi. 

We hope to raise awareness of the current conflict in Gaza. To highlight the difficulties women are facing, and the difficulties healthcare workers are experiencing without access to medicine or equipment to aid patient’s medical needs. Especially those who are vulnerable, through pregnancy, terminally illness or disability. The sustained ongoing abuse of power in this conflict, has left every soul in Gaza, who is still breathing, vulnerable to violence and further suffering.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards helping the victims of this tragic ongoing conflict. 

AURAT By Nurse Anonymous. Paperback 2024. 

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